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Restorations in Cascade

Tooth decay. It is something we all deal with over the years and it manifests in different ways. Finding a dentist who is able to provide a variety of restoration options is key to your optimal dental health. At Nichols Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide restorative options for every need.

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Most of us will encounter the need for a filling at some point in our lives. These are done through a quick and simple process whereby any decay is removed and the void created is “filled” with a white synthetic material.


Sometimes teeth have more extensive damage and a filling just won’t do the job. Crowns are shaped to look like a tooth. They fit like a cover over the damaged area to provide an esthetically pleasing form of protection.


Missing teeth can severely impede on your confidence. No need to let your self-esteem suffer! A bridge can be used to add artificial teeth to your smile by securing them to those on either side. Ask if this could be the solution for you.

Chances are we will all have a need for restorative work at some time. Let the team at Nichols Family Dentistry discuss your options to achieve your best and healthiest smile.

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