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Dentistry is a field with constant innovations and updates. The best practitioners make it a point of pride to remain up-to-date on these changes. It is this exactly what you can expect when you are treated at Nichols Family Dentistry. Dr Nichols is sure to have any diagnostic equipment required to give you the care you deserve.

Intraoral cameras

Have you ever wished you could see the damage in your mouth? How much easier would it be to make a decision on treatment if you could see the impacted area clearly? Intraoral cameras provide a clear image that can be reviewed together with your dentist.

Panoramic X-rays

Much like a panoramic photograph, this type of x-ray allows for an image of your entire jaw at the same time. It allows a view of how the teeth impact each other, not just a problem with an individual tooth.

Digital X-rays

Increased comfort and higher efficiency — that is what digital x-rays provide. It is a clearly defined digital image that is easily stored on and retrieved from the office computer. The information is always close at hand.

In the ever-changing field of dentistry, you can rest assured that Dr. Nichols maintains the most current in dental technology. This is exactly what you can expect from us, your proper diagnosis and the skilled care you deserve.