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Teeth Whitening in Cascade

The natural discoloration due to aging can’t be avoided, but few among us want to sacrifice those things that can speed up the process. Coffee, red wine, and acidic foods that can damage enamel — these are among the items that, over time, will dull your smile. Don’t sacrifice for your smile! Our team can give you the bright smile of your dreams.

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At Nichols Family Dentistry, you will find the most innovative solutions in teeth whitening. The basis of each is a peroxide solution that penetrates past the enamel to whisk away the deepest stain. What is the best solution for you? Perhaps it is the at home treatment. You will walk away with treatment solution and trays designed to gradually lighten your teeth to their very brightest.

Maybe you prefer treatment in our office. If so, ask about the ZOOM teeth whitening system. This uses a lamp suited to the purpose to activate the peroxide solution and speed up the whitening process. Quicker results for you to enjoy! Our team is happy to discuss if this may be the right choice for you.

Your smile should linger in peoples’ memories long after you have left the room. Don’t settle for anything less! Dr. Nichols and team can help you achieve your smile dreams. We have a solution to suit your needs.