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Oral Hygiene/Cleaning in Cascade

An ounce of prevention is said to be worth a pound of cure. This is the thought behind oral hygiene visits at Nichols Family Dentistry.

Our friendly hygienists will work with you to optimize your oral health in these crucial appointments. Tartar and plaque will be “scaled” from your teeth, and the opportunity will be taken to examine your teeth and gums so as to avert future issues. Fluoride treatments and x-rays are two others in our preventative care arsenal. If decay is caught early, the amount of restorative work required can be dramatically minimized.

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Oral cancer screenings are another important aspect of these appointments. Your mouth will be examined for signs of disease. Early diagnosis of this disease is crucial to successful treatment.

Allow our friendly team to guide you through your oral care. Not only can they provide helpful tips, they can also provide the earliest diagnosis of oral health issues. Contact our offices to make an appointment. The team at Nichols Family Dentistry looks forward to welcoming you.

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