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Guards, Bite Appliances in Cascade

Appliances exist that can protect your teeth from damage due to sports injury or grinding while sleeping, also known as bruxism. Made from a mold to ensure a custom fit, these guards allow for worry-free play of the roughest sports or the most relaxed sleep.

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Our team can provide you with a sports guard made to fit your unique bite, and show you the proper maintenance and care. Proper cleaning and storage is important. With a sports guard to absorb the shock during aggressive sports, you can be sure to avoid dental damage.

Have you ever noticed your jaw is sore when you wake in the morning? This is often due to clenching or grinding. It is easy to see how this can result in chips and cracks, but perhaps less apparent is how it may cause serious headaches. With a proper bite appliance, your ability to grind your teeth is inhibited and the potential for damage and discomfort is side-stepped. You will still grind, but it will not be tooth to tooth.

If you suffer a sports injury or problem from bruxism, the team at Nichols Family Dentistry is always here for your urgent care. Why not avoid these unnecessary issues? Take some time for preventative care. Ask our friendly team about sports guards and bite appliances.