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Family Dentistry in Cascade

As we age, our needs in terms of dental treatment change. At Nichols Family Dentistry, it is our mandate to be able to provide the best care regardless of time of life.

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It is crucial that children learn the fundamentals of oral hygiene at a young age. Our friendly team welcomes the opportunity to teach them new habits in a fun and interactive way. Children must be engaged to learn and we thrive on being able to keep them riveted.

On the other end of the spectrum, the older members of the family often require more advanced care. Not only are our staff well trained to suit their basic dentistry needs, we also have team members who have taken courses in treatment of patients with Alzheimers and heart disease. This shows our commitment to treating your family as we would our own.

From 2 to 92, Dr. Nichols has put together a team committed to the dental care of your entire family. Make an appointment and see the difference that this dedication makes.

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