Cascade Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It is generally in the late teens that pain and discomfort from growing wisdom teeth can become an issue. Often an extraction is done not because of acute problems, but to prevent future problems. Crowding, headache, pain, and swelling — all of this and more can be avoided when a problem wisdom tooth is removed. Dr. Nichols can assess the amount of space you have remaining for your wisdom teeth to come through, and x-rays can be used to establish whether the teeth coming through are impacted.

Don’t delay in having your wisdom teeth assessed. Extractions are best done before adulthood so teeth aren't completely formed and young adults tend to heal better.

Extraction is not always necessary, but it is often the best solution. Ask the team at Nichols Family Dentistry if this option may help to avoid future problems. Prevention Is often the best medicine!

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